Little Cat and Friends is born firstly from my own struggle with reading and from the love I have for my own cats, I am passionate about helping children become confident with reading.

As a child I didn’t have any pets so I felt very nervous when around them, I got my first cat at thirty and it was one of the best decisions of my life. Animals become part of our family, they rely on us and we love them dearly. Although I didn’t have pets as a child, I have always believed in the importance of treating them with the love and respect they deserve.

Having a pet is a big commitment but a very rewarding one, it’s very important to do your research before taking on a pet as they need your time and love and when given those things you create a special bond. 

The first page of book one starts with a very simple child-like conversation: “Hello Little Cat, are you coming home with me?” This is to encourage children to ask questions, for example, where does Little Cat come from? Where are Little Cat’s mummy and daddy? This can also be used to help channel the way for parents to answer questions about adoption. My niece and nephew are adopted and they had so many questions but most importantly they wanted to know that they were always going to be loved unconditionally and they certainly are!

Little Cat is very curious about a lot of things, she’s playful and mischievous but Mummy guides her in a gentle but firm way, I’m hoping these fun stories will give your children the freedom to behave like children, just like Little Cat. 

To make the reading more interesting I use different fonts and colours and some of the words jiggle up and down, I also use oversized words. You could use your child’s own pet or a favourite toy as a reading buddy which could help build confidence, especially if they are struggling a little. Making mistakes yourself is a wonderful way to show your child that making mistakes is okay and they will feel confident in doing so.

If you see your child struggling to read, have a chat with their teacher. 

These suggestions are from my experience when growing up, little things that would have made a huge difference with my reading and struggles with dyslexia.

My books are for all children to enjoy.

Love Anna xx