The Little Cat

The Little Cat has a new Mummy and a new home. Join her as she gets herself into some tricky situations while exploring her new surroundings. She’s so excited. Will she ever be able to settle down and go to sleep?

This simple and appealing story will delight young children, especially those with a new pet.

Only £4.99

Little Cat and Friends is born firstly from my own struggle with reading and from the love I have for my own cats, I am passionate about helping children become confident with reading. As a child I didn’t have any pets so I felt very nervous when around them, I got my first cat at thirty and it was one of the best decisions of my life. Animals become part of our family, they rely on us and we love them dearly. Although I didn’t have pets as a child, I have always believed in the importance of treating them with the love and respect they deserve.


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